4 pack, tattoo, FAT!

Dear World,

I was once again posing and flexing in the mirror (as you do) and I noticed that I have at least a 4 pack going on. BUT, it’s still lost under all of this fat. I’m getting really annoyed! Okay but to be fully honest, I haven’t stepped up my cardio like i said i should, and the diet has suffered a bit with all of these work dinners and lunches, and birthday parties and me being a little lazy. So, I know a lot of my stalled progress has to do with me. I can tell I’m building some nice muscles (my arms!) so I want to show them off and get rid of this nasty fat covering them all.

So, my mum is coming to visit me in a little over a month. This is my deadline. She doesn’t care what I look like, but it helps for me to have a deadline. I was talking to my friend yesterday and she doesn’t do well with deadlines;  she says it’s too much pressure and if she doesn’t reach her target she gets upset. I completely get that, but I need a deadline. I need a goal to work towards rather than I’ll get there when I get there. Now, I’m not expecting total transformation in a month, but I want to see a big difference and I believe I can do it if I really get down to business.

What that means is I really need to be strict with my diet. No more slip ups. I have one more work lunch this week and it should be possible to make it fairly healthy, but other than that for the next month there’s no more things like that. It also means I need to add more cardio (yes, I said that before and now actually have to do it haha). I’m going to add the butt workout back in. Not only did it help me lose inches off my hips before, it really loosened them up (and my lower back) and this area has been feelign quite tight so I need to do this again.

Another thing, I finally want to get my tattoo. I’ve been wanting one for ages, and when my mum visits would be the perfect time (plus there is a really good tattoo artist doing a guest spot at a studio at this time and I’m hoping to get in with her).  My tattoo is going to be on my upper arm/shoulder and I had originally planned to get it once i had achieved the arms I want as a reward. But, I don’t want to wait so I think i’ll go ahead and get it so  I want my arms to be in a bit better shape than they are now so I can show off the tattoo this summer. Plus, once I have the tattoo it’ll be further motivation to get the arms I really want.

If i switch my mental mode as if i’m training for an event (my mum’s arrival/tattoo) then I feel like I’ll work harder and train better. Yes, enough is enough. Even though i’ve been sticking to my training I feel like for the rest of it I’ve fallen into half-assed mode. NO! I’m supposed to be in bad-ass mode 😉


Week 3, Day 2

Squat 40kg 5×5

Bench Press 25kg 5×5

Barbell Row 37kg

ropes 6 ‘sets’ 20-30 seconds each

hip abductor 75kg 3×10

hip adductor 75kg 3×10


Week 3, Day 3 

Squat 42.5kg  5×5

Overhead Press 25kg  5×5

Deadlift  47kg  1×5

ropes 9 ‘sets’ 20-30 seconds each

hip abductor 75kg  3×10

hip adductor 80kg  3×10


Week 4, Day 1

Squat 45kg  5×5

Bench press 27.5kg   5×5

Barbell row 42kg  5×5

ropes 9 ‘sets’ 20-30 seconds each

hip abductor 80kg 3×10

hip adductor 854g 3×10



I just looked up my first workout. My squat was 15kg. awwww



Bad-ass Bitch

PS some inspiration:


I’m in love with her arms!


Hers too!


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