misleading info

Dear World,

One thing I’ve been thinking about is that a lot of the information out there on fitness, nutrition, lifting heavy, is not really geared towards beginners. For instance, telling a total newbie (who needs to lose a lot of fat) that they should eat more than 2000 calories and that weight lifting alone will burn the fat is a little misleading. I think 2000 calories and weight lifting alone is enough when you are already fit. But if you need to lose fat, I think the calorie intake should be a bit lower and that cardio should be added to accelerate weight (fat) loss.

I’ve also heard the advice, if you want something to eat you should have it;  have that slice of pizza, that cookie, etc. I think this works on a general level, again if you’re already thin and fit and also have a good handle on your eating habits. Telling someone who is trying to lose fat (and most likely trying to break bad eating habits) to have that slice of pizza or cookie if they want it is silly. This will not help break bad habits, or teach you how to control yourself if you are prone to overeating junk food. This is not reinforcing good eating habits, this is reinforcing the bad (i.e., giving in to the junk food). Yes, it is okay to have these foods occasionally but I think in the beginning it’s best not to indulge.

Now, I keep saying ‘i think’ because this is just what I think. I’m no expert, I know that everyone’s body is different, everyone’s will and drive are different so this is applying to me in the context of me. Though, I do think others out there could relate.

Based on my experience so far of increasing calories and heavy weight lifting alone has not given me the results I wanted or expected after 2 months. Yes, I am getting stronger and am building muscles which is part of what I wanted, but I also wanted to lose fat. I might have lost some, but not a significant amount. Sometimes I think I’ve even gained some.  I believe this is because I have avoided cardio and increased my calories. So, what I’m doing right now is not working for me the way I want it to. That means, I need to change the way I’m doing things. I’m still going to continue with my weightlifting programme because I enjoy it and I am getting stronger, no doubt. But (and I mentioned this in a previous entry), I need to add back more cardio. I really need to step things up. I need to add more cardio, and do more supplemental workouts. For instance there is a great butt lift workout series on youtube (30 days–be sure to check the description for the schedule) that I’ve done before and my arse really looked good. Right now, even though I’m squatting heavy weight my butt is still kind of flat. With the buttlift,  it really did lift my butt but also made my legs and butt muscles strong, but the best part was that it really relieved a lot of my lower back pain.

I had also done a 30 day ab challenge before. It was basically sit ups, crunches, leg lifts and a plank and each day increasing. Again, the fitness gurus will say that doing sit ups and crunches aren’t necessary you can get a six pack in other ways and i’m sure that’s true. And no, I didn’t get a visible 6 pack, but what I did get is stronger abs which helped me to stand up better and I did see some definition in my stomach area.

So my point in all of this is that these things worked for me before, so I will do them again. I may not do the butt workout every day (especially on my rest days) but i’ll do it as much as I can. I will also add back the ab challenge. And more cardio. I feel like right now I’m doing the workout of someone who is already fit. I’m not fit. Not where I want to be. So I’ve got to really go all out to get the body I want.

So here’s what I did yesterday:

Week 3, day 1

Squat 37.5kg  5×5

Overhead press 25kg 5×5

Deadlift 44.5kg  1×5

ropes 6 ‘sets’ of 20-30 seconds each

hip abductor 70kg  3×10

hip adductor 75kg 3×10

I’ve still be able to add more weight each time! I’m wondering if i can do the suggested 40kg squat next time. I’m feeling some strain in my knees the past few times. We’ll see…..!


Bad-ass Bitch



3 thoughts on “misleading info

  1. Amrita Kinne

    Hey, I just wanted to say 1) I relate to the cardio issue 2) Impressive workout! Also, I’m intrigued by the butt lift program on YouTube. What is it called?


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