warm up, yeah!

Last night after I’d had dinner and an evening snack I still felt hungry. I said to myself ‘why am I so freakin’ tired and hungry?’. Then i had a flash of deja vu. This is exactly what I said a month ago. So, I quickly checked the calendar. Joy of joys I’m due to get my period. That would explain the insatiable hunger and why my patience was at zero yesterday. So here we are again. We’ll see if 2 cycles of exercise and healthy diet help. I really hope so. the last 2 periods were horrendous; the pain unbearable. At least this time I’ll be at home instead of a foreign country as I was for the last 2, so if it gets really bad and I need the hospital I’ll know where to go. fingers crossed it doesn’t come to that.

The impending assault on my reproductive system means I’m super tired and  explains why my lower back felt stiff last night. I noticed it was more sensitive during my squats today so tonight I’d better do some gentle stretching.

Despite feeling tired, I was able to do my workout and add the recommended weight (a little more in the case of the overhead press because again the plates at the gym didn’t add up to the suggested weight).

Week 2, Day 2
(all exercises 5×5, except deadlift)

Squat 32.5kg

Overhead press 22.5kg

Deadlift 42kg (1×5)

ropes 6 ‘sets’ 20-30 seconds each

hip abductor 65kg (3×10)

hip adductor 75kg (3×10)

I felt like staying longer and doing a bit more extra stuff but I had to get to back to work. It’s nice to have the workout out of the way already though since I have a busy evening ahead.

One thing i forgot to mention: in the app for my workout, it will give you the recommended warm up sets for each move. until now, the weight i’ve been lifting hasn’t been heavy enough to require warm up sets. the last 2 workouts, I’ve finally reached enough weight on my squat that it requires warm sets. woo hoo!


Bad-ass bitch


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