keeping on

Dear World,
It was a busy weekend and already a busy week but I’m on track with my routine 🙂 Here’s what I’ve been up to:


Week 2, Day 3 

Squat 27.5kg

Overhead press 20kg

Deadlift 39.5kg

Ropes 3 ‘sets’, 25-30 seconds each

I wasn’t feeling so great during this workout. That was my fault due to nutrition. I had stupidly left my morning snack at home, and since I had a short work day I didn’t really have time to go out and get something. So, when I went to work out, I hadn’t eaten that much. When I started, I felt fine, but not long into it I started to feel a bit weak and my blood sugar level was iffy. But, I managed to get through it and use all of the suggested weight.


Week 3, Day 1

Squat 30kg

Bench Press 22.5kg

Barbell Row 32kg

Ropes 6 ‘sets’ 20-30 seconds each

Hip abductor 65kg 3×10

Hip adductor 70kg 3×10

The area where the ropes are set up is not so big, so you kind of have to position yourself in a busy area with machines. There was a guy nearby stretching on a mat while i was setting up. I looked over at him to make sure I wasn’t going to thrash him with the ropes. He smiled and said it was okay. So, I went for it and after I dropped the ropes in exhaustion he said something like ‘wow that was great!’. It was a nice contrast to the dickwad from the other day. PLus it made me feel just a little extra bad-ass 😉

Super busy so not much time to write about anything else, but I’ve been adding more weight each time and I’m getting stronger and starting to see definition. It’s still buried under the fat but hopefully that will change soon.



Bad-ass bitch





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