on cardio and douches at the gym

Dear World,
I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere. I’m seeing the results I needed to see to motivate me. If only I’d started like this a month and a half ago! oh well, onward and upward…

The results I’m talking about is my muscles are finally getting firm and I’m feeling stronger. There is still a lot of fat that I need to blast. My nutrition is pretty good (weekends out of town have been challenging to stay on track), and I’m feeling motivated.

I need to add more cardio though. A lot of the body building articles I’ve read state that you don’t need to do cardio, that the sheer mass of your muscles burns the fat on your body. It’s not that I don’t believe this, but for someone starting out who needs to lose a lot of fat, and also needs to excelerate that should be doing cardio. I don’t mean hours and hours of it, but cardio does burn fat and in conjuction with the weight lifting it will help. I think if you are already lean and in shape then yeah cardio probably isn’t necessary but for someone like me who is starting out, I think it’s essential. Well, it’s essential if you’re like me in that you need to see results to stay on track. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with cardio, it’s actually very good for you!

In the past I’ve squeezed in an 8 minute tae bo workout every day. It’s nothing crazy, but it gets the heart going for those 8 minutes and i figure 8 minutes is better than 0 minutes. Three years ago when I lost a lot of weight 10kg (about 25 pounds), i did it through nutrition, some weight machines (not lifting heavy like i am now), and cardio. I did that tae bo almost every day and then once or twice a week would do a more intense cardio workout. So, I’m going to do the tae bo as much as possible (i’m already doing it sometimes, but i’ll go back to doing it every day) and do the ropes when I go to the gym. I’ll also add one cardio workout a week that’s a little more intense. I personally like cardio. I like the feeling of my heart rate going up, my lungs feel healthy (I have asthma) and I like that kind of sweat. I’m not the type that will like to do that every day for an hour, but a few times a week for 30 minutes is great for me. So, we’ll see if this combo of cardio and heavy lifting helps with the fat I desperately need to lose.

Since I last wrote, I have done 2 more workouts. I was able to increase weight each time. In a few cases I had to increase the weight more than they suggested because the gym didn’t have the right combination of plates to make up the weight, but I managed it and surprised myself that I could do it.

Ugh last night when I went to the gym I was just setting up and some guy came over and was about to take the bench (like he can’t see me standing there loading plates!). I told him that I was using it and that I’m just getting started. So he said okay and then proceeded to stand there waiting. After my first set I told him that I was just starting and would be there for a while (you know, to be polite and let him know) and he bit my head off ‘yeah and i’m waiting here’. He then proceeded to just stand there and watch me while I worked out. I’ll admit, i felt a bit self-conscious and didn’t rest as long as I should’ve between sets but after a few  I said to myself fuck it, I have as much right to be working out here as you do and you’re not going to intimidate me and you’ll just have to wait because i got here first.  He finally gave up and pissed off. It can sometimes feel intimidating when you’re the only woman in the room and you’re surrounded by guys and their testosterone. Generally it’s been okay at my gym. Sometimes there have been a few like him and there are the mega-grunters which reduces me to a giggling schoolgirl—sorry it’s just so funny. Anyway, I resolve to not be timid at all and flaunt my bad-assery.

Week 2

(all exercises are 5×5 with the exception of the deadlift. Programme is called Stronglifts)

Day 1

Squat 22.5kg

Overhead press 17.5kg

deadlift 37kg (1×5)

ropes 3 ‘sets’ of 30 seconds (alternating arms)

Then I did a bit on some machines because I love the way these make me feel. I have so much tension in my hips and lower back these feel great

Hip abductor 60kg (3×10)

Hip adductor 65kg (3×10)

I also threw in some seated calf raises: 25kg (2×8)


Day 2

Squat 25kg

Bench press 20kg

Barbell Row 29.5kg

Ropes 6 ‘sets’ of 30 seconds each. I did alternating arms, arms side to side, and arms in unison (if that makes sense). there are more moves that I found on this great video, but when I got to the gym, I had forgotten them and I couldn’t get the internet to work on my phone. So i’ll need to study this so I can do more moves next time

Hip abductor 60kg (3×10)

Hip adductor 65kg (3×10)


Today I weighed myself. I’m half a kg heavier. I’m not too upset though. I’ll just put it down to my massive, throbbing muscles 😀


Bad-ass bitch


4 thoughts on “on cardio and douches at the gym

  1. The gym douche stuff is my biggest pet peeve! I swear some guys think that their workout is more important than women’s. I don’t understand why they have to act that way. Sometimes if guys hover, I tell then to walk away, if he tells me he’s waiting to use machine I tell him it’s going to be a while and he might as will burn some calories elsewhere. It’s so disrespectful

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    1. ugh!! yeah it was like he was trying to intimidate me into giving up the area for him. I was trying to be polite to let him know i was going to be a while so he could, like you say, go do stuff elsewhere, and got all aggressive and defensive about it. ha but when he finally started bench pressing i saw that he was only lifting 5kg more than me so I hope the next time i see him i’ll be lifting more mwa ha ha

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