cardio, new programme, guilt

I need to update my last workout but I don’t have the info with me so I’ll need to do it later.

Went to the gym yesterday and worked with my trainer. It’s great because she’s showing me all kinds of different exercises I didn’t know. I think it’s good to have all of these in the arsenal. Last night I did about 40 minutes of cardio.

I really need to beef up my cardio. I know, most things I’ve read have said that weightlifting alone will burn fat and I believe it. But, right now I have so much fat to lose that I want to expedite that especially since I’m not lifting too heavy yet. Plus, I actually like cardio because it’s good for my asthma and I like how I feel afterwards.

At the gym we measured me on a machine thingy. According to that I have 36.5% body fat. Ugh. It’s actually what I expected. Apparently I have good muscle mass (i guess it’s all hiding under this fat). Funnily, it said that my arms were ‘over’ on the muscle measurements but also ‘over’ on fat. My trunk and legs were normal on the muscle front but all of them over on the fat. I didn’t really need a machine to tell me this, I can see how much fat is on my body, but I was interested to know the percentage and can compare in the future. My visceral fat level is over, again I knew;  I have so much belly fat it’s insane. This is the fat i’m most concerned about, not only for appearance but for health (this is the most dangerous form of fat). The amount of fat it suggested losing is 16kg (35 pounds)! It’s a lot, but i’m not going to stress out too much about this number.

The weight training programme I’ve decided to switch to is stronglifts5x5. Given that I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with info, etc, i figured this is the best approach for me right now. It’s simple and extremely easy to follow. Also, the point of it is to get you strong so you can become a good lifter. I think this is perfect for me at the moment. I’m so busy at work and in my personal life that I really need something that I don’t need to think about too much. And if this gets me strong, that is hitting one of my goals. It’s a 12 week starter programme, in a way. I mean, it’s not a 12 week programm per se, you can keep on doing it of course, but the idea is that in 12 weeks you can improve your strength and that’s what i want to do. By building this foundation, it will set me up to take on more challenging and complex programmes or workouts in the future. Another benefit is that it really helps you develop good form and that’s important! At my next training session with my trainer I’m going to ask her to go through all of the exercises with me so when I’m not with her, I can do them on my own.

Today I’m feeling a bit hungry and lethargic. Not sure why, as again I haven’t changed my diet. I’m eating the same way that I have been. Perhaps it’s the weekend catching up? I didn’t do anything crazy but because I was travelling to places with very limited food options and on tight schedules I didn’t eat the same way. I had more carbs than I’m used to and didn’t eat as frequently. I managed to get salmon though, but I did have a creme brulee. Oh well. I don’t feel guitly about it 🙂  I’ve decided to stop feeling guilty about food; it builds a weird relationship with eating. All I can do is acknowledge that it’s not healthy and will do better at the next meal. I think having feelings of guilt about food is very destructive. I don’t mean that i should go wild and live on a diet of junk food, i just mean don’t beat myself up if I stray.

Okay just finishing work, now on to my next job…


Bad-ass bitch



One thought on “cardio, new programme, guilt

  1. Amen no need to build a bad relationship with food it just leads to overeating later on, or at least for me it did. I am loving cardio too! Although I’m not really doing any weight lifting. I’m kind of scared with my back acting all crazy, so the only weight lifting I’m doing is to strengthen my back muscles right now. Good luck on your journey, but try not to think about the lbs.

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