I think I’m going to change my training programme. I know, I know. I’m not that far into it, but I don’t feel like I’m getting a proper workout. What i mean by that is that this particular programme focuses on a different part of the body each workout. I’m a full body workout kind of girl. I think this type of progamme that focuses on one area each day is good for people who are already experienced with weight lifting and are in shape. I mean, it doesn’t take 7 days for muscles to recover which is basically what’s happening because, for example, on Monday i’m working arms and they don’t get worked again until the following Monday. So, I feel like the building of muscle is a little slow and in a way is setting me back. I’m going to look for a programme that focuses on the whole body so I get all my muscles used to weightlifting more evenly and perhaps later on can do a programme like the one I’m following now. I have seen several recommendations for Starting Strength so maybe I will give that a go. For today, I’ll stick to the one I’m already doing and maybe next week can switch to something new.

More on what I wrote about yesterday: yes I’m definitely more flabby. I’m less bloated than usual which is great because I have a tendency to bloat (this is in part due to the endometriosis, which affects bowels but also bloats my pelvic area, but also because of food–mainly refined sugar!) so i’m feeling less puffy. But, I’m more flabby. It’s really weird. There is definitely more fat on my face and around my stomach. I think I need to seriously re-examine my diet and nutrition. I am eating all healthy foods, hardly anything processed, but maybe I am consuming too many calories at this point. My goal right now is lose fat (and yes, get strong and fit). Most of these people who are already in great shape of course need to eat more because they are maintaining their bodies and what they have already achieved. I, on the other hand, need to get rid of fat. Especially this around my belly as I know this is the worst kind of fat to have. So, it doesn’t make sense that someone starting out with much more body fat than them should be eating so many calories. Right? Ugh! I wish i had the money to get a proper nutritionist to help me sort all of this out. But, I don’t so I need to figure it out on my own. There is so much conflicting info out there it’s nuts. I’m almost tempted to just go back to what I’ve done in the past because that worked for me. I ate 1200 calories a day (and I felt fine because I made good choices about what I ate) did a combo of cardio and weights (machines) and I lost fat/weight. Perhaps I should start there, though continue with the heavy weights, and then start to add more calories as I build more muscle and lose fat. I don’t know…lots of things to think about and to consider…

I’m feeling a bit discouraged and stressed out the past few days. Not just about this, about life in general. One of the things that’s a bit difficult is that I have so little free time. I basically work 2 jobs. I have a full time 9-5 job, then after work I’m teaching and not just in one place, i’m going here and there. Often, I don’t get home until about 20:00 or 21:00 and need to make dinner and prepare food for the next day. I have tried prepping food on Sunday for the week but it just doesn’t really work (I don’t have a microwave either). For some items, like a soup, then yes. But mostly I don’t want to eat food on friday that I made on sunday. Also, I don’t have a dishwasher and I feel like i’m constantly washing dishes with all of the cooking that I do every day. Work is really busy right now as I’ll be changing to a new position next month, and I will be away for the next 3 weekends (for work) so I’m a little worried about nutrition and exercise while I’m away. Once you leave this city, it’s even harder to find healthy food (in most restaurants the vegetarian option is fried cheese). Oh well, I will just need to adapt and try my best. I’m just bitching 🙂

Week 2, Day 2 complete!

Lateral pulldown: 35×8, 35×8, 35×8 (no increase)

Cable rows: 28×10, 28×12 (7kg increase)

Hyperextentions: 15, 15 (up 3 each set from last time)

Barbell curls: 12×15, 12×15, 12×15 (2.5kg increase. I wanted to try more weight for my last set but the next one up was 19kg so it was 7kg increase!)

Alternate dumbbell curls: 7×15, 8×12 (1kg and 2kg increase respectively)

Seated Calf raises: 5×12, 7.5×10 (2.5kg increase)

5 min cardio on bike (i will do some more cardio when I get home)

I had to go to the gym on my lunch hour, so it was a get in and get out kind of visit. But, I feel good and glad that I went to do it instead of waiting until tonight (I wouldn’t get there until 19:30) because at least it’s out of the way now.

I feel better with food today. Who knows what was going on yesterday but everything’s okay today.

After today’s workout, I feel more that I really should change the programme. My muscles feel good today, but even though i was able to increase some weight today it felt like I hadn’t worked these muscles in ages (i hadn’t really in about a week) so I want to do more of a total body workout so there isn’t such a long recovery time between workouts. If anyone reading has a good programme that they would recommend, please let me know. thanks!
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One thought on “changes…?

  1. tofufun

    I would recommend The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, The Paleo Cure by Chris Kresser or The Whole 30 by Hartwig. I bet you haven’t gotten fatter in such a short amount of time. Could be a variety of reasons (water retention – not necessarily bloat), shift in diet and a physical response to it, or it could be nothing. Go easy on yourself and don’t get discouraged! Sometimes when I lift really heavy, I feel terrible about myself for a few days. Today I did max deadlifts, and my jeans are always super tight in the thighs, and I puff up in my face and arms when I do heavy deadlifts. After a few days, the water weight comes off and I look and feel better.

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