new toy, results, and a carnival!

The high energy continues. It’s great but weird. I’m not used to it. Today I knew I had to meet friends at 13:30 so I was up out of bed by 8:00, made a delicious breakfast, then went to the gym to do my workout. I was tired when I woke up (not much sleep again) but as with the past few days, I came out of tired zombie mode much faster and didn’t feel tired at all. Workout was good, but it kind of felt like I didn’t work hard enough, even though I was lifting the most weight I could manage to get enough reps. Maybe I should add more sets?

Today was interesting. I met friends at a carnival which is a nutritional wasteland. After I got back from the gym I had a protein shake and a snack of avocado, cherry tomatoes, hardboiled egg whites, crisp bread (Knackerbrot) to fill up before going out. In the past, I would’ve been drinking beer, getting candy or popcorn, or eating whatever other carnival junk was there. I didn’t have any of it. And i didn’t have to try to resist, I just didn’t want it. I was there for about 6 hours and didn’t eat anything. I felt a little hungry, but not the type of hungry that makes me feel like shit. My blood sugar remained level and my energy up. My friend and I managed to convince a guy to sell us 2 bananas. At first he said no, that we had to buy the bananas dipped in chocolate, but then relented. So, I still had a snack at the carnival but it was nice and healthy 🙂

Look what I got:


Isn’t she a beauty? It’s very simple but does the job and i love it! Now I know exactly what I’m eating. Even though in a way it’s controlled because everything is being measured, it feels liberating instead of having to guess and estimate and constantly convert (i track on myfitnesspal). I love it!



Breakfast: avocado, cherry tomatoes (squeeze of lime juice), scrambled eggs (4 egg whites, 1 whole egg), sweet potato, peppers, onions, mushrooms, balkan cheese, fresh grated parmesan. Yum!



Day 1 (Week 2!)

Dumbbell bench press 8(kg)x10 (reps), 9×12, 9×12

Incline bench press: bar (no extra weight added)x10, barx8

Decline bench press: (okay I still am not sure about the bench. I know that sounds stupid but I don’t know where the feet go haha. i forgot to google before i went. So, i just repeated incline bench press barx8, barx7

Cable pushdowns: 20×10, 20×10, 20×9

Overhead extensions: 8×8, 9.5×8

Crunches: 20, 15, 15

Extra stuff: calf raises 5×8, 5×10

abductor: 50×10 (3 times)

adductor: 55×10 (3 times)

cardio: 5 min spin bike, 8 min tae bo

I’m an impatient person. Even though it’s not realistic, I want to see results already. But, it occurred to me today that I already have results. I was able to increase weight today slightly, but most importantly look at how good I feel. I even feel a little paranoid about feeling so good 🙂 This is a great result!! Of course I’m not going to lose a ton of fat and get muscles immediately;  I’m rational enough to know that it’s too early to see a difference in my appearance. But, a difference in how I feel is a big thing. Also the change in my mentality is a big one too.

Here’s to a new week!


Bad-ass bitch


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