I’ve noticed that my energy levels are improving. I struggle with fatigue. I think mainly because I don’t sleep well. I’m lucky if I get 5 hours and it’s always interrupted. I used to sleep like a rock but when they started me on hormone ‘therapy’ which put me into medical menopause I suddenly lost my ability to have deep and restful sleep. I’m no longer in menopause but my sleeping never returned to normal. I’ve tried every method and natural remedy in the book to get better sleep and nothing works. I do not want to go down the road of sleeping pills so it is what it is. Maybe this will improve. That’s yet to be seen.

But, I’ve got more energy throughout the day and in the morning I seem to come out of tired zombie mode faster. I’m not ready to bound out of bed and hit the gym just yet, but I’m feeling better in the mornings so that’s a step.

So, I’m not sure if this is due to the improvement in diet, or because I am eating at smaller intervals throughout the day (or a combination of both). Today I’m up out of bed and ready to go out and do something. Usually on Saturdays I’m so tired that I lay around in bed and sleep on and off. I know that’s not good, but i’m usually so exhausted by the end of the week that my body is grasping at whatever sleep I can get.

Generally I’m feeling quite well. The amount of refined sugar is almost nil. I’ve never had a problem cutting sugar and once I do cut it I don’t even crave sweets. Last weekend I had some friends over for dinner, so I bought us a bar of chocolate (Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt) but then we forgot to eat it! It’s been hanging around and I’ve treated myself to a sqaure here and there. I’ve found that one is enough whereas before I would just devour the whole bar in the course of a night. The fact that a bar of chocolate has been hanging around my apartment for a week is a good sign! Yesterday, I was in the supermarket and I passed the bakery (we have such good fresh bread and pastries here) but the smell of the sweet pastries actually turned me off. This is what usually happens. And if i were to eat something sugary I will feel terrible afterwards. So I just need to make sure I stick with it. My bowel habits have improved too (because of endometriosis on my bowel I have troubles here as well) and I’m feeling much better in that respect and not like my intestines are being assaulted. I’ve long suspected that refined sugar has exacerbated my problems here. (I need to record stuff like this because I have to keep track of my endo symptoms 🙂 )

Later I will do some cardio (HIIT) but will rest from the gym today.

So, I’m up, I’ll have breakfast and go out. It’s a nice, sunny day so I might take my nice camera out an get some photos of the trees in bloom. Spring, yey!

I hope your Spring is as lovely as ours 🙂


Bad-ass bitch


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