Day 3 (week 1) new gym bag yey!

The day after my last workout my calves weren’t sore at all which really surprised me. My other muscles weren’t necessarily sore, but felt like they’d been used; like i was really aware of having biceps. I certainly felt it today when I had to carry a 10kg bag of cat litter up the steep hill to my street then up the stairs to the 2nd (US 3rd) floor. Phew!

I’m ovulating now so that means I have a lot of discomfort in my lower back and it feels like someone’s poking my ovary every time i move (yey endometriosis!) but even though I kind of wanted to just lay around, I was active anyway.

I met with my trainer today, and originally i was going to ask her to help me with my programme but then decided to do her workout because she always shows me new things and it would be good to have new exercises in my repertoire! Coincidentally some of the things she had planned fit my programme anyway 🙂

After our workout I did the rest of my weight programme. Results below!


Day 3 (week 1) complete!
Legs, shoulders and abs

Cardio: 20 min spinning bike

leg  extension 20(kg)x12(reps), 20×12

hamstring curl 20×12, 20×12

Leg press 30×12, 30×15

Shoulder press (barbell) 12×10, 12×10, 12×12

side lateral raises 5×10, 5×10, 5×10

rear lateral raises 5×8, 5×8, 5×8

lying leg raises 12, 12, 12

Exta stuff:  15 pushups, 30 crunches, 30 mountain climbers, bodyweight hamstring curls (using that thing that looks like half an exercise ball on a disc. It kind of reminds me of half of a giant pogo ball, remember those? I realise i’m dating myself here…), cable rows 12×10, 12×10, 12×10, calf raises (i just had to have another go on it!) 5×10, 5×10, 5×10, dumbbell rows 5×10, 5×10, 5×10

I can’t wait to see those weight numbers go up 😀

I had a nice sit in the steam sauna after all of that 🙂  I’m going to do some major stretching tonight.


( I had some help with my notes today)

I’ve noticed that I’m having trouble hitting my macros, even though I’m eating quite a lot and very healthy and ‘clean’. I’m not hitting my calories either. I’m not sure how to remedy this. I’ll write about it next time.

I was extra excited to go to the gym today because I now have a real gym bag! I’ve never had one before. it was quite serendipitous how I came by it. In this city there are lots of expats who are moving away and have apartment sales, often selling off stuff quite cheaply to get rid of it quickly. There’s a facebook group for this and i happened to see a post where someone was selling a bunch of stuff including a gym bag. I wrote to them and it was available and super cheap so i claimed it. I went and got it and it’s the perfect size! It even says Reebok on it. Not that I care about brands at all but i feel like it makes me look more sporty or something haha 😉

Okay stretching time!! Can’t wait for the next workout


Bad-ass bitch




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