Day 2 (week 1)! holy calf raises batman

So it’s the 2nd day of training, yey! I love that i’m excited and have been looking forward to it since Sunday 🙂

Because of Easter monday the schedule is a bit off. Normally I will train Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s just this week I went on Sunday so I had 2 ‘rest’days in between. On Monday i worked my glutes and legs at home and yesterday I rested except for 8 mins of cardio.

I didn’t get much sleep last night. I got home from work rather later (around 21:30) then needed to prepare lunch for today, do the cardio, make an evening snack, clean up, etc…I’m not the type of person that can just go straight to bed. After doing all of  that I was wide awake. I didn’t fall asleep until after 1 some time. I got up twice to pee (the downside of hydrating), and was woken up early by the cats. But, I’m ready to take on this training today and after a good breakfast and morning ‘meal’ I have energy 😀

I’ve been scouring the internet for inspiration. I find it really helps me to look at before/after photos and read their stories, plus I’ve found some good people on instagram to follow (which means I’ll actually have to use it; i have an account I just barely ever use and just post a photo every now and then without hashtagging or anything). But, it’s a good resource for nutrition and exercise tips! who knew? okay, probably lots of people knew that but I didn’t!

I have found one woman to follow. I love her physique and aspire to look like her! well, i mean I know that everyone is different and built differently and I may not look exactly like her, but the general idea. Perhaps what I really mean is that I aspire to her level of fitness and strength, it’s not just about looks.She has some good tips and short videos of exercises that I can’t wait to try out once I’ve got the hang of things a bit more. Usually I just rush and do everything straight away, but I thought it best to get a good foundation going, then try these different ways of exercising with weights.

I’m still not totally sure about the nutrition but i’ll just go ahead with the info I have and do my best. When I started this blog, it was just for me to keep a record of my journey and keep track of my progress. I was pleasantly surprised that people actually read it and comment and give great advice. S0, thank you to all of you for your feedback and encouragement yesterday!  I’m doing this alone so it’s nice to have support out there from people who have done the same or who are experts.

So i’m ready for my workout. I have my notes scribbled on the back of my workout sheet.


Okay I will write my post workout thoughts below

Day 2 complete! 

Lateral pulldown: 35(kg)x8 (reps), 35×8, 35×9

cable rows: 21×12, 28×10

hyperextensions (back): 12, 12 (no weight)

barbell curls: 9.5×15, 9.5×15, 12×12

alternate dumbbell curls: 6×12, 6×15

Seated calf raises: 5×12, 5×12, 5×12 (this one i’m not sure how to write down because it was 2 barbell plates 5kg each so i don’t know if i should write 5kg or 10kg. For now i’ll write 5kg since that’s the number on the plate and it will help me keep track)

It all went well. One thing i noticed when I did the hyperextensions is that I really felt it in my butt muscles. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to happen. Could be because they’re sore from working out yesterday? I wonder if i was somehow doing the movement wrong.

The calf raises….wow! It was funny, I sat down at the machine and could not figure out how to release the safety lever. Finally, I asked a guy to help me. He pointed out that I should raise the weights first, well i couldn’t because there were two 25kg plates on there haha. How naive of me to think i could start off with that. The guy suggested 5kg and at first i thought ‘ugh! i can do better than that’ but i was wrong. That weight was perfect and wow my calves were burning. It felt like a borderline cramp but didn’t go into a cramp. I’ve never really worked my calves. What a revelation 🙂 I love it!

Afterwards I realised I’d left my post workout snack at work 😦  I had a protein shake, banana and some almonds also a square of dark chocolate. I didn’t feel hungry, was just more disappointed and a bit worried since I knew i wouldn’t be going straight home. So, i just bought a banana from the gym and that was enough to get me home.

I did my 8 minute tae bo when I got home and tonight i’ll do some stretching. Can’t wait for the next workout!




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