Day 1!! yeah!

Training day! I’ve been excited since yesterday. I’ll be without my trainer, but I’m going to do my best and do the first workout of the body building programme i’ve decided to follow.

When I woke up this morning I felt rather tired to make breakfast so I drank a protein shake, actually went back to sleep for a bit. Then I had a fritatta and I just ate my next meal: grilled salmon with red lentils, salad, grilled onions and peppers, greek yogurt. Since I need to digest a bit before going to the gym, I’m going to spend the next hour ‘studying’ for my workout which means meticulously watching the videos for each exercise I need to do and trying to burn them into my brain so when I get to the gym and  I can remember the proper form. I’ll write my post workout thoughts below.

Day 1 complete!! 

I feel good. I have that post-workout dreamy, content feeling and the nagging headache I had when I went there is now gone. It was a little weird to be in unfamiliar territory, but I was armed with my workout sheet, notes, and determination. I was able to complete all exercises except for one: the decline bench press because I seriously could not figure out how to lay on the bench;  i wasn’t sure where my feet went. I felt too shy to ask anyone for help. I know that’s silly, but no one looked very friendly and I felt stupid. I will ask my trainer next time how exactly to do it. So instead of that exercise i did 2 more sets of incline bench press. Not sure if that’s good or not, but oh well.


Week 1, day 1

Chest, triceps, abs

Dumbbell bench press: 8(kg)x8, 8×10, 8×10

Incline bench press: bar (no idea how much it weighs but it was kind of heavy)x8, barx8

Decline bench press: (see above; repeated incline)

Cable pushdowns: 15×12, 15×10, 15×10

Overhead extensions: 8.5×10, 8.5×10,

Crunches: 12, 15, 15

Some extra oblique stuff

Cardio: 8 min tae bo, 10 min bike

After each workout i’ll record what I lifted so I can track my progress.


(my notes scribbled on the back of my workout sheet. good thing i can understand that mess!)

Tonight after I finished, I had a quick sit in the steam sauna 🙂

Post workout, I was quite hungry! I drank a protein shake that I’d brought with me (note to self: adding cayenne pepper to the chocolate shake was an awesome idea!) and ate a banana. I’m home now and still kind of peckish. I just ate a hardboiled egg white and would like a little something more. The author of the programme i’m following suggested that the last meal eliminates carbs. I’m not sure if that means ALL carbs (like vegetables) or things like rice, pasta, etc.

There is still so much I need to learn. But, i’m excited to be on my way and the past few days I’ve felt physically and mentally good.

I’m going to rustle up a snack and then relax.

Bad-ass bitch





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