oh plank, I hardly knew ye

I’ve noticed that the day after a workout I could be a little sore, but the following day I’m much more sore. It’s like it creeps in…

The other day we did a lot of plank, and some variations I’d never seen before. I guess I was only familiar with the plank that you do on your elbows and stay stationary. Well, we did that but I also did a plank and pushing myself forward, so my triceps got some action. I also did a plank twisting my hips side to side to work the obliques.

My abs this week have been more sore than after doing 100 sit ups. They’re still a bit sore when I cough. I had no idea that plank could work the muscles this much! I see many more planks in my future.

I’m super excited because I’ve found the programme on bodybuilding.com I will follow. At my session on Friday with my trainer I’m going to ask her to help me with the exercises. It’s a 12 week challenge. This is perfect because in 12 weeks it’ll be summer.

Another plus is that my mum is coming to visit at that time. Because of the (physical) distance between us we only get to see each other every 2 years. we don’t get to skype much because of the time difference. So, I was thinking that I will surprise her with my transformation. Of course, she loves me in any shape or size and has never ever criticised the way i look. But, she knows that I have struggled with my weight for years (she does too) and I think she would get such a kick out of it. So she’ll come, them boom! new me 🙂 It’s a good motivator.

I’m ready to do this! I’m ready to work hard, push myself and create this new me.

Bad-ass Bitch


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