a slow start, but excited

So, my first session with the trainer was good but a bit uneventful. I expected this since it was our first session and she would need to assess my fitness level, etc.

We didn’t get into the bodybuilding, but did some stuff with weights and I definitely got a full body workout. At the time it didn’t seem difficult but I’m sore today. I outlined for her what I want to achieve, what my current eating habits are like, and on Friday (our next session) we’ll get all into it. We’ll measure my weight and body fat, talk about nutrition and talk more about the body building programme that I want to do.

I knew we wouldn’t just go straight into it so on the one hand I’m glad for the workout we had (my sore muscles vouch for that) as I learnt some new exercises that will be easy to do at home and will work the muscles in my upper back which is one of my tightest areas and one of the areas that I want most to develop. On the other hand, my impatient side is wanting to get started straight away.

But, it’s good to start off slowly especially since I’m a total novice to body building. And I also know that my transformation will not happen overnight. Wouldn’t that be lovely if it did? Or even in a week, a month?

Well, I would like to see a difference in a month. I don’t mean reach my goal because that would be humanly impossible. But, I want to see or at least feel a difference in my body. I think this is definitely possible. Even small changes motivate me;  changes that perhaps no one else would notice, but which I would.

I’ve been obsessively scouring the internet looking for peoples’ ‘before and after’ for inspiration. I try to look at them every day. I especially look for women with a body currently like mine. This helps to motivate me and to see that a total transformation is possible. I imagine myself like that and imagine people’s reactions. I have an active imagination and I think this will help me too. I am realistic enough to know that everyone’s body is not the same and people progress at different rates so what someone has accomplished in 12 weeks may take longer (or not). But, I do know that achieving the strong body I want is possible and imagining that I’m already there definitely helps.

So, yes, i want to feel differently in a month. Given my past experiences with fitness I know that I will. Also, in a month I will have a period again so I will be interested to see if my change in fitness activity and eating habits will make a difference with the endo. Well, actually I know it will I’m just curious as to how much of an impact it will have.

Maybe i’ll have the courage to post some progress photos. Maybe 😉 ….

Bad-ass bitch


2 thoughts on “a slow start, but excited

  1. I think taking progress pictures are the best way to see changes. Sure a scale can tell you the numbers but I feel its much more important to feel happy and healthy with your body. I think half the battle is actually taking the pictures. I’ve been there and know what it’s like to not want to look at yourself. Posting them will be the cherry on top to your journey! Good luck x



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