terrible weekend, but first day of training!

Today is my first session with my trainer. I’m really looking forward to it. I just with I had more energy. I’m completely drained after the weekend. No, I didn’t spend it partying, I had my freaking period. Yey!

Periods are not fun for any woman, but for women with endometriosis they can be sheer hell. The period I experienced this weekend was horrendous. The pain was so bad that I barely slept the first night as it was so intense it kept waking me up. I considered going to the hospital because it hurt so badly, but I was in a foreign country and wasn’t sure how my insurance would work! So, I just powered through. The next day, the pain wasn’t much better and the lack of sleep meant I needed to stay in bed. So, I did just that but still barely slept because of the pain and it was noisy in the hotel with the cleaning. But, at least i got some rest. Later on, I went out and got some pills and did feel better but still kind of shitty and tired for the rest of the night. Despite that, I was able to enjoy the performance of La Boheme that we went to see.

Next day, pain was less but I was exhausted. Today, I still feel drained. The reason i’m talking about this here is that part of this bodybuilding quest is to alleviate symptoms of my endo. I’ve noticed in the past that my fitness level and diet affect the level of pain and discomfort that I feel during my period. I’m not surprised that this month was bad because I recently had the flu and I was too sick/weak to exercise. I haven’t done any proper exercise for about 3 weeks. My eating habits became unhealthy again and I consumed far too much sugar.

it’s been difficult for me to tell if it’s the consumption of sugar or exercise that affects my pain. I have a feeling it’s both. I do love sweets, but in general they make me feel ugh when I eat them even though I enjoy the taste. Afterwards I feel like crap. It’s not hard for me to give up sugar (i’m talking about refined sugar), and once I do I don’t even crave sweets or want them. But, all it takes is for me to ‘cheat’ a few times and then it’s like an avalanche and I just keep eating sweets.

So, part of this journey into my body transformation is to give myself some relief from the pain of endometriosis. I’m going to keep careful track of my symptoms to see if exercising and reducing sugar intake really does help it. I hope it will offer some advice to any other women out there suffering with this terrible disease.

I started off my day with a fritatta and some greek yogurt and honey. Today at my training session we’re going to talk about nutrition so I can make sure I’m getting the proper amounts of food for my training.  I’ve been doing a lot of research about body building and I know that I’ve been eating too few calories (even though i’ve been full and satisfied). I’m also a little bit confused and overwhelmed by the ‘macros’ (macronutrients: carbs, fat, protein) and the amounts that i need to achieve my goals (building muscle and losing fat). Hopefully she’ll help me make sense of it all!

Despite feeling sluggish and like a sloth today, I’m really looking forward to my session and I’m excited about this first day of my transformation!

After feeling physically destroyed this weekend, I’m determined more than ever to get healthy and strong. I can’t control that I have endometriosis, but I can control the overall health of my body. Strength and good health await me! I just need to go out there and get it 🙂



Bad-ass bitch


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